End of Year Plan Assets: Calculation Worksheets

You Can Use the Same Worksheet Regardless of Whether You File Form 5500-SF or Schedule I...

Unlike our Earnings From Investments Worksheet, which refers to locations within your IRS Forms and Schedules and is therefore particular to the Form or Schedule you file, our End of Year Plan Assets Calculation Worksheet draws from sources within your 401k sofware and companion materials and is therefore generic to all our run-it-yourself 401k filers.

To calculate your plan's end of year assets, complete the below. You will probably find it easiest to print this page and fill in the Worksheet so you can keep it for your records; alternatively, you can use the PDF version. (Note: The PDF will allow you to type in numbers onscreen but it will NOT perform the calculations for you; you must do that manually.)

The notes in the far left column indicate where within your 401k materials you can find the needed information. (Note: The background grey shading will not appear on your printout unless you set your printer's preferences to print background colors and images.)

End of Year Plan Assets Calculation Worksheet :

See your Year End Auditor's Worksheet (Reports, Yearly 401k Activity Reports), wherein each investment's ending value is recorded in bold in the far right column; use slots a-e at right, plus another sheet, if necessary, to record each investment's ending value,then total. ENDING VALUE OF INVESTMENTS
(total a thru f, below, plus any additional)
(a) investment 1 $
(b) investment 2 $
(c) investment 3 $
(d) investment 4 $
(e) investment 5 $
(f) investment 6 $
Compare your December Monthly Investment Purchase Order (Reports, Monthly 401k Activity Reports) against relevant investment account statements from the investment company(ies) to determine any contributions made to each investment - i.e., appearing on the Purchase Order - but not posted as of December 31 - i.e., NOT appearing on the statements supplied by the investment company(ies). plus DECEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS NOT YET POSTED TO ABOVE ENDING
VALUES (total a thru f, below, plus any additional)
+ $
(a) not yet posted to investment 1 $
(b) not yet posted to investment 2 $
(c) not yet posted to investment 3 $
(d) not yet posted to investment 4 $
(e) not yet posted to investment 5 $
(f) not yet posted to investment 6 $
See your Current Loans report (Reports, Administrative Reports) for December. If you didn't save a copy of the report, print the current month's Current Loans report, disregard any loans made since the close of the year, and add in any loan amounts paid off during the new year that were active as of 12/31 (consult your files for these records). Finally, subtract any loans not to be paid off, as determined for item 10d of Form 5500-SF or item 2g of Schedule I. plus OUTSTANDING LOANS as of 12/31 + $
(total line) $
Use the final number for Form 5500-SF item 11a column (b) or Schedule I item 1a column (b), as appropriate to your plan.